Featured Alumni

Melissa DelVecchio (’94) and Christopher Heim (‘04)



With the 2013 academic year underway, the now-open Stayer Center for Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame is the new “home away from home” on campus for the business professionals enrolled in the Executive Education program at Mendoza.  What many might not realize as they admire the handsome new building is that the talented and creative individuals leading the design of the project were Notre Dame School of Architecture graduates.

Featured Alumnusmoriarty


Pete Moriarty, BA '70
Vice President, Burt Hill - Stantec



When Philadelphia native Pete Moriarty donned his cap and gown in the spring of 1970, the School of Architecture was a much different place. The Rome Program was just coming into fruition, the School was a division of the College of Engineering, and instead of focusing on traditional and classical design, the curriculum then emphasized structures and the engineering of buildings.