Near Northwest Neighborhood

At the Notre Dame School of Architecture, the Students for New Urbanism (SNU-ND) provides education on the New Urbanist planning approach. The chapter also supports New Urbanism initiatives in the local community, most readily seen in the partnership that has been formed with the Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc (NNN). Recently SNU-ND worked with the NNN to develop proposals for future zoning and growth, participated in NNN’s “Adopt-a-Block” program where they helped clean up a city block and contributed to the beautification of the neighborhood, and designed two houses for new construction within the greater neighborhood revitalization being promoted within South Bend’s second oldest neighborhoods, and one of the neediest.

The NNN, a not-for-profit organization, was formed to improve the physical, social, and economic environment of the near northwest section of the City of South Bend, through providing affordable housing to low-moderate income
households, organizing and empowering community residents, and promoting the neighborhood’s interest within the entire community. SNU provides great opportunities with volunteer efforts connecting students directly into the surrounding city in meaningful ways, to work towards creating affordable housing that is not only quality, but fits within the neighborhood context.

The recent construction of the first student designed house in the neighborhood has occurred, and has been well-received by the community. There has been much energy and excitement from both the students and neighbors involved to have formed such a fruitful partnership in rebuilding efforts in the University’s local neighborhoods.

If you are interested in this project please contact:

Kathryn Schuth, class of '99
James Childs Architects

Karen Ainsley, Executive Director
Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc.


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